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Ordering & Payment

Buying glasses online at is a secure, hassle-free experience. When you buy glasses online, you can choose from hundreds of styles, you will save hundreds of dollars on high-quality gaming glasses and sunglasses, and you will get them right at your doorstep. It’s very common for first-time customers to ask themselves, “How do I buy glasses online?”. This article will give you the big picture of how your initial journey will be. Follow these few simple steps, and you’ll become an expert shopper the first time around.

It’s quick and easy, and in case you don’t understand any part of this, you should contact us. Just send us an email at and we will help you place your order. Let’s run you through the steps!


Step 1. Find what you're looking for. Please browse through all our collections from the main menu and locate the item that you need.
Step 2. Let's say, for example. You want to buy acetate glasses, So you go to our "Acetate Glasses" collection, you like the "Alexander" one. Click on it to view the product, as shown in the screenshot.
Step 3. Choose the frame color as per your choice i.e., Black and Clear, etc. You can find the frame dimension under the "Frame and Measurements" option, as shown in the screenshot. Click on the "Add to Cart" button for further process.
Step 4. If you only buy the frame, you can choose "pay" directly. In addition, if you need lenses, please drop down the description and click the lens link to select lenses.
Step 4-1. You can also drag up the navigation bar and click "accessories".
Step 5. Once you have selected the frame color, choose your lens type.
Step 6. select lens functions. While the look of your glasses is important, their functionality is crucial. The quality and features of your lenses contribute most to your satisfaction with your eyewear, and you should pay particularly close attention to the options available to you. Then after click "Add to Cart" .
Step 7. Once you have added the item (s) in your cart, go back to the top right corner of the page and click review your items and read all the details. Once you are ready with your items and want to place your order, finally click on the red"checkout now" button.
Step 8. You will be sent to the encrypted environment to enter your contact and shipping information.
Step 9. After filling in the above information, please select payment method and order note from the drop-down page. We will provide global free transportation, and then choose payment method to pay.
Once the order is processed, an order confirmation page will appear with your order number. You will also receive an order confirmation notification by email and SMS. We also notice you about your order every step of the way via email: You’ll know when your glasses are in production, when they are shipped, etc.
We hope this guide answers all your questions on how to order glasses online. There’s a first time for everything! And rest assured that all your orders at include free shipping & returns plus a 100% money-back guarantee, making buying glasses online with us completely Risk-Free. You can tell us at if you had any problems or if you need special services. We will be pleased to help!